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Production capacities

Concentrated modernization Comprehensive modernization Upgrading of traction rolling stock fleet
Solutions description
  • The possibility of modernization of the locomotive on the existing capacities of the owner
  • Over 100 technical solutions to improve the inner systems of locomotives
  • Selection of solutions tailored to the specific conditions of use and maintenance.
  • The development of comprehensive solutions based on the analysis of the reliability of the locomotive and customer requirements.
  • Projects of remotorization using highly reliable, energy efficient, environmentally friendly diesel-generator sets, control systems and electrical equipment.
  • Kitting of locomotives with additional options for energy supply of track machines, performance of the functions of independent power supply.
  • Supply of modern rolling stock equipped with diesel generator units from the world's leading manufacturers (Cummins, Caterpillar, Deutz).
  • The possibility to apply the energy-efficient hybrid drive that meets all the modern requirements to reliability, fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness.
  • The possibility of using locomotives for infrastructure maintenance
* - Effects
  • Enhancement of reliability of individual units of the locomotive.
  • Improving the fuel efficiency up to 4-5% per one locomotive
  • Reducing of the cost of lubricating materials and equipment
  • Possibility of additional service life extension by 30 years in excess of regulations.
  • Reduced locomotive downtime for scheduled types of locomotive current maintenance and repair up to 25%.
  • Possibility to select the desired locomotive power for specific operating conditions, fuel consumption reduction up to 7%.
  • Increase of fuel efficiency.
  • Decrease of budget for the current maintenance and repair up to 30% within the full lifecycle.

Contact person on repair of locomotives, line equipment and spare parts supply:
Head of Department of key customers interaction
Oleg Baklakov
Phone: +7(499) 638 2298 (ext. 99366)
E-mail: BaklakovON@locotech.ru


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