LocoTech | Mission, Values and Objectives



By implementing quality maintenance of traction rolling stock throughout its lifecycle, we guarantee the safety of passengers, cargo and uninterrupted railway connection. Due to many years of experience, unique geography and sustainable development, we strive to be an exemplary model of a modern service company.

Our values:

We strive to ensure that our company is associated with the concepts of reliable technology, reliable partner, reliable employe, reliable worker.
We are always ready to move forward to achieve the goals and develop competitive advantages. We seek not only to successful operate the ongoing activities, but also to broaden the spectrum of services provided. We are able to change and become better. Staff is the one of the most important resources of our company, so we pay particular attention to the development of professional and managerial competencies of our employees.
We are committed to building long-term and systemic relationships with customers, partners, colleagues and employees. For this reason we seek to fulfill our obligations under any circumstances, to build a constructive dialogue with all interested parties, so that our cooperation can be mutually beneficial and effective.
We recognize the value of each employee of the company, we respect their work, time, freedom and own opinion and expect the employees to respect the company as well. The main displays of respect are involvement in solving of corporate tasks, long-term honest work. Respect towards our partners and clients gives us the possibility to successfully collaborate, maintaining trust and openness.

Strategic goals of the company:

  • widening the circle of customers, increasing the portfolio of orders
  • development of a spectrum of services provided
  • development of technologies to improve reliability and security throughout the lifecycle of rolling stock operation
  • reinforcement of process connections with the manufacturers
  • increase of the own production of spare parts, components, assemblies, accessories


59, bldg. 2, Zemlyanoy Val
Moscow, 109004,Russian Federation
+7 (499) 638 2298, +7 (800) 600 0669